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Bambini in Cucina

Bambini in Cucina is a non profit organization born out of the practical everyday experience of parents, educators and children that have discovered, by cooking together, the great educational and emotional value of this activity.  
Bambini in Cucina believes that children deserve to be involved, from a very young age, in the preparation of simple, tasty and first-quality foods, while always respecting the regions and the seasons.  
The goal is to create an automatic and serene nutritional and sensorial education, encouraging both the sharing of precious moments with the entire family and the obtaining of several useful skills. The method is essentially hands-on.
The curriculum of Bambini in Cucina promotes Italian and Mediterranean traditional cooking, rich with fresh greens, legumes and grains.
Bambini in Cucina holds laboratories and classes for children and adults (parents, teachers etc.) in order to promote these values and demonstrate how, with a little bit of experience and attention, every child can be put into the condition to cook with confidence - naturally under the careful and discreet watch of an adult and always respecting the interests, the abilities, the times and the tastes of each child.
In order to promote these values, Bambini in Cucina also puts out books, together with important publishers.  
Bambini in Cucina works to spread its experience – through courses, seminars, publications and workshops – until an always growing number of parents can benefit from the thousand advantages of this activity, bringing the children – and the rest of the family – towards a healthy diet through the precious and ‘hot’ vitality of the home kitchen.